Will you choose to send your child back to Nursery post COVID-19 ?

Jul 11, 2020
Will you choose to

Early Years Foundation Stages: Pre-schoolers

What to do next?  Will you choose to send your child back to Nursery / Pre-school education or will you happily continue to home school your child?

With the advent of Covid-19 the future of children’s education in the Early years foundation stages has altered direction amidst ongoing health and safety concerns.  Previously parents were skeptical about the benefits of homeschooling children under the ages of five via conventional curriculum at home.  Educational providers were similarly skeptical about the benefits of homeschool online education for such young children and the impact of screen time. 

Many parents are returning to work and have huge concerns about how to meet childcare requirements and their child’s early years developmental needs which were previously combined in nursery environments.

However, as humans and educators we have learned to evolve to meet the next generation expectations and deliverable's.

HalaKids a pioneer in home care and home schooling  services, has remodelled traditional classroom learning for under fives in new directions and embraced the homeschooling requests of many thousands of parents across the UAE.  HalaKids now offers an alternative choice for those who do not plan to place their children back in Early years settings (nurseries, pre-schools) and instead have the choice to follow a less traditional approach to educating children. HalaKids dynamic plan is to provide early years learning from the comfort and safety of family homes with qualified Nanny- teaching assistants.

Homeschooling under a British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum does not have to always be screen led.  Program can be limited to short blocks of ten minutes, with lots of activities set that allow a child’s creative, physical, social, communication and problem-solving development to be met at home away from the screen. 

HalaKids specialises in recruiting experienced, skilled + degree educated teaching assistants to deliver home schooling. Carefully screened, they deliver children fantastic early years learning experience.

HalaKids Qualified Nannies who specialise in EYFS Nanny-Teaching Assistant are all trained, mentored and monitored by British certified teachers who provide live program online .

Each Family deciding to home school, has a personal Nanny-teaching assist at home, and a British qualified teacher online. Both providing for your child’s learning and development.

Teachers set individual Early years lessons for the child to complete, mirroring the classroom environment and standards set to help children reach their developmental milestones. 

Activities are set to the child’s attention span, age and stage of development and include lots of activities that the teaching assistant will support the child to do away from screens.  Activities are child led, creative and based on their interest. The teacher is able to track the child’s development and learning and frequent consultation between the assistant and teacher ensuring the child’s developmental needs are being met.

Activities such as sand and water play and a range of sensory play materials are all easily accessed at home. For example, playdough can be made, shaving foam and clay can all be accessed at home. Construction play activities using household objects such as building blocks, toilet roll tubes and cereal boxes allow children to build and learn about shapes.  Music and movement activities can be carried out with a personalised dance tutor in the form of the teaching assistant.  Numbers, shapes, colours’ and tracing activities can all be supplied with activities that are play based and fun in place. Story time, circle time and all areas that were previously supplied in nurseries are now brought to the home.   All of the subjects reinforce the child’s learning on a one-to-one support basis and allow the child to thrive at home.

Smaller group size social play classes are planned when the Covid-19 measures are relaxed, and when the temperatures are cooler for some afternoon outdoor activities in communal areas, children can also keep in touch  with peers online and their class teacher via short interactive lessons for learning, all supported by a qualified assistant.

The above model allows parents to feel reassured that qualified Early years staff are delivering a range of activities daily to support their child in developmental play and learning.  There is also the added benefit of having a full time nanny-assistant teacher from 7/8am to 5/6pm for full time working parents all of whom are currently really struggling. 

Halakids also provides parents with an APP that will deliver reporting and progress or milestones achieved in real time, and ensure greater communication between parents, teachers and Nanny-assistant teachers.

All aspects of your child’s needs are met during working hours and parents essentially have a full-time nanny+ teaching assistant combined in one, with added support of home-schooling program with qualified teachers.  In uncertain times this provides a winning solution for all families currently affected by Covid-19 with a solution focused approach to both childcare and learning in the Early year’s foundation stages.

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