Classroom size at Kids Nursery

Aug 08, 2020
Classroom size at Kids

The average class size for under 5 years in nursery is 18-20 children. That is a big number for very little children! offers a unique and different approach to early years learning for parents concerned about large class sizes.  We provide 1:1 learning support for children under six years old. This takes place through a combination of short interactive lessons and lots of child led - choice time activities. We provide 1:1 childcare from the comfort of your own home, with a full curriculum, delivered by qualified British teachers and teaching assistants.

Worried about screen time?  You have no need to be.  Our activities are limited to 5 x short 15-minute sessions.  The rest of the time children will spend away from the screen doing 1:1 play activities.

Are you worried about returning your child to nursery education given the current Covid-19 concerns? brings the teacher and teaching assistant to your home.  British Qualified EYFS teachers deliver lessons and activities as well as monitoring your child’s progress. The Nanny Teaching Assistants support in every area of your child’s learning and development on a 1:1 basis in the comfort of your own home.They also assist with cleaning, cooking, and childcare for busy working mums. 

In the United Arab Emirates children are not required to formally start school until they are six years old, therefore prior to 6 years parents have freedom of choice in how to educate their kids.  has extended the choice available to parents after carefully listening to their concerns and needs.

In a large classroom of up to 20 children how can one teacher and one assistant meet the full range of developmental needs of every child?  Many educational establishments have extremely high occupancy with waiting lists and pressure to have high numbers in their classrooms. 

The large busy classroom environment is simply not right for every child and some young children do not thrive in this environment.  There is a lot of research that shows that certain children can and do get left behind or do not have their full potential met.  The reasons are twofold. - They do not enjoy the large busy classroom style of learning. - Or the teacher is under pressure managing the complex needs of 20 children daily and cannot give the child the one to one time they need to thrive.  This will not happen on a 1:1 basis with qualified teachers and Nanny Teaching Assistants supporting learning and care. 

At, we believe that there is a different way to educate children prior to their formal education starting. The home-schooling learning approach is not a new phenomenon.  People have been doing this for many years for the reasons listed above.  However the new approach that  brings is focused on the fact that you have a qualified and experienced Nanny-Teaching Assistant in your home.  Degree educated, with experience in the EYFS these workers have the skills and knowledge to support in activities.  Our highly experienced British Teaching staff also ensure that the learning and progress of each child is closely monitored.  At the heart of the curriculum is child choice and child active participation.