Age: 52
Nationality: Philippines

Basic Info:

Candidate ID No: CN12272
Designation: Nanny
Age: 52
Availability: Available

Education & Experience:

Highest Qualifications: Computer secretarial – 2 Years (Diploma course)
Further Education: First Aid
Cache Level 2
Employment History:

Teacher Assistant - Dubai - (9 yrs) 

Teacher Assistant - Dubai - (1yr)

Quality Controller - Philippines - (9yrs)

Years of Working Experience: 19 years

Skills & Knowledge:

Skill Set: EYFS Trained
Cache level 2
Baby Massage
Cook Asian Food
Spoken Languages: Tagalog,English

Interviewers Notes & Comments:

Well experienced teaching assistant in a known and reputable Dubai Nursery.

Hardworking, compassionate, and adaptable to new situations.

Loves cooking traditional food and open to learning new cuisines.

Does cross stitching on her spare time.

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