Age: 26
Nationality: Zimbabwe

Basic Info:

Candidate ID No: CN12392
Designation: Nanny
Age: 26
Availability: Available

Education & Experience:

Highest Qualifications: Diploma in Education (Primary)
Further Education: Pediatric First Aid
First Aid
Primary School Teacher
Employment History:

1.5 yrs - Zimbabwe - Teacher Assistant in a school ( On the Job Training )

1.5 yrs - South Africa - Learning Support Assistant ( School) 

Years of Working Experience: 3 years

Skills & Knowledge:

Skill Set: EYFS Trained
Primary school teacher
Paediatric First Aid
Spoken Languages: English

Interviewers Notes & Comments:

A learning support assistant who used Picture Exchange Communication Tool to help a child improve his communication skills.

Finished a 3yr SEN module. ( Special Educator Needs)

Compassionate, kind individual who loves children. and is very musical and enjoys playing the drums !

Independent, trustworthy and goal-oriented. 

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