Nursery Care with Homeschooling

Your children looked after by professionals at home. British Curriculum EYFS Nursery Newborn - 6 years Teaching Assistants qualified to deliver home schooling and play activities throughout the age range. Private School Teachers - delivering British and American 12 years curriculum in the safety of your home. Pediatric First Aid Trained Nannies and motivated Care Assistants experienced in Special Needs therapy and development.

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British EYFS Nursery Nannies @ Home

Nannies certified in British EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) delivering education and wellbeing for your child at HOME.
Nanny teaching assistant who will play, engage daily and manage online learning, childcare duties, child-minding and housekeeping duties throughout the day.
The online learning is provided via Qualified Teachers , specialists in British EYFS Curriculum (daily 8am-12pm) supervised at home by a qualified nanny nursery teacher trained in British EYFS learning, supporting child’s development as well as all aspects of personal care including feeding, nappy changes, toilet training, sleep schedules and the direct learning.
Our British EYFS Nursery Day Care providers who have developed online learning and fun play programs delivered by highly trained and certified teaching staff to support thousands of families at home without Nursery day care due to the impact of COVID-19.

  • Job Role
  • 80% Nanny -EYFS Educator
  • 20% Housekeeping