JOBS In UAE + UK Nursing Assistants + Caregivers


JOBS in UAE + UK Nursing Assistants + Caregivers

  • ·        Nursing Assistants
  • ·        Caregivers
  • ·        Teaching Assistants (EYFS Nursery)

Required Experience:

3-5 year experience in UAE/GCC/ Singapore or Hong Kong

College Graduate

Training Certificates + Police Clearance Certificate  

Salary + Benefits:

5 Days duty / 2 Days OFF Company sponsored, monthly salary and payroll, Medical + Dental insurance, holiday entitlement, end of service plus return tickets.

30 days’ Annual vacation entitlement.

Monthly Salary UAE AED 2,000 pm

UK Salary £25,000 per annum = AED10,300 per month

In Order to Qualify,

Employed full-time live-in Nursing Assistants or Caregivers with families in UAE for 1 year.

Must complete 12 months continuous work experience in UAE.

Attend, Complete and Pass Training – Co. Provided 12 weeks Training and Conversion Course for the UK.(FREE)

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