SEO Specialist


The SEO specialist is responsible for overseeing SEO initiatives and maintaining the site's rankings in search engines. Additionally, he or she will be involved in keyword research, site architecture and design, competitive analysis, link building and negative SEO. This role may also manage the content of the website.


1. Perform SEO strategy, analysis and planning

2. Oversee keyword research, should attend monthly marketing meeting to receive updated insights on keyword-related changes

3. Work with the technical team on site structure and design to produce a better performance for keywords ranking

4. Assist in Site Indexing - update XML sitemap for Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines

5. Partner with Global Management Services or Affiliate Marketing Manager/s as liaison to local affiliates to help grow rankings

6. Perform competitor research

7. Draft blog articles, copy or other relevant web content that is optimized for search engines

8. Conduct monthly keyword optimization reports - how keywords rank

9. Actively contribute and work with team members to develop an SEO strategy for each website

10. Develop keyword research and key phrase maps for all websites

11. Conduct regular site audits to identify opportunities for improvement

12. Communicate to all parties how the end user experience can be optimized through an optimized search engine ranking

13. Create and implement automated content distribution techniques that improve SERP ranking

14. Manage outreach, link acquisitions, content strategies, link pruning activities and inbound links to multiple high powered domain sites.

15. Conductor with highest level of integrity for transparency, accountability and accurate reporting about tactical turns of events with desired outcomes for online marketing campaigns: Keyword Bid/Landing page Ratio/Landing page success metrics.

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