Senior HR Executive


Description of the role

•           Responsible for overall HR & Payroll process, and ensuring the timely and accurate administration of employee compensation in accordance with established policies and within the required turnaround times.




HRIS Administration


•           Payroll Administration

•           Employee Welfare & Conflict Management. 

•           On-boarding Process.

•           Manage the team of 5 HR Professional (PRO/ Visa Specialist/ HRIS Administrator).

•           Oversee the implementation, entry and use of the HR System.

•           Implement HR policies and procedures and promote a positive employee relations environment.

•           Assist employees with work matters, career development, personal problems and industrial matters;

•           Liaising with a wide range of people involved in policy areas such as staff performance, attendance, accommodation, employees welfare, employees relations, on-boarding, immigration (new workers visa).


Payroll Process:


•           Responsible for the whole Payroll process for designated companies/business units.

•           Entry and follow-up of employees’ deductions, loans, additions, commissions, unpaid leaves.

•           Check if all new comers have been entered in the system.

•           Check coherence of staff allocation in the payroll versus budgets, division feedback ,        etc.

•           Calculate the final dues for leavers or transferred employees in accordance with local laws and Group’s policies and procedures.

•           Check accuracy of information in final payroll report.

•           Process and issue employee monthly pay slips, and ensure their distribution to the employees.

•           Prepare monthly salary entries and provision in accordance with accounting standards and principles and each BU’s requirements.


Required candidate profile 

•           Bachelor’s Degree in HR or other related field.

•           Relevant 5-7 years’ experience in HR Management role with a proven track record of achievements in the HR field at a reputable organization..

•           Excellent command of English language.

•           HR System user experience is preferable

•           Location : based in Dubai


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