Admin-Officer In Charge -UAQ Residential Trainer Center – (Female Only)



Admin-Officer In Charge -UAQ Residential Trainer Center – (Female Only)

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Female Admin / Operations-in-Charge


We are looking for a female leader with hands-on administration skills who can run and manage the day-day operations within our female only training center.

Ensuring the day-to-day operations of the training centre.


Responsible for:

All course curriculum is followed and delivered and maintaining KPI’s for all trainers.

Responsible to track the female workers attendance; training completion, certification and ensuring all record keeping in CRM content.


Staff rota’s, staff meetings and briefings.

Allocating break-times, tracking office equipment and ensure all in- and out-goings are documented.

Ensuring all training tools and equipment is clean and in good working order.

Environmental cleanliness, security and office protocols are upheld.

Leading team briefings( in person and on ZOOM) in the morning and the de-brief at the end of the workday; sharing the admin tasks at hand.


This role requires someone who is a very effective communicator, with a strong sense of responsibility, who can easily stay on track in a fast-moving environment.


The training centre is adjacent to our staff accommodation so you will also be liaising on a daily basis with the residential staff house manager and communicate effectively where the trainees are at any given time, and who still needs to attend what training modules.

Female trainees are on and off boarded in a fast-moving environment


This is a very hands-on rolls, suitable for someone with great admin and  supervisory skills, you will have the opportunity to grow into a managerial role within the development of the residential training center.



Ordering supplies and ensuring proper store keeping

Carry out regular inspections of the accommodation, common areas, dining area, stores, and report on maintenance issues.

Being a leader with firm boundaries, leadership, motivation and sound reporting to management on a daily basis.

Required Qualifications and Experience:


Relevant Industry Qualification/Working Experience

6 days a week, based in UAQ.

Separate Co Accommodation Provided

CRITICAL: IT literate, Database management, proficient in excel and word.


We offer sound package which includes performance bonus, company benefits, and a positive impactful environment with a company that nurtures its staff.

Immediate Opening., full company sponsorship and benefits provided.




High energy/ Positive Outlook/Problem Solver/Workaholic Leader/Motivator/Mentor.

Salary package in line with Industry qualification/experience.

Our company is (manpower/outsourcing business specialising in domestic workers, mainly  maids and nannies for families here in the UAE.)


We recruit workers both internationally and from the UAE. Upon arrival they are met at Airport or our Tadbeer Service Center and dropped off at the residential training centre.

They are then required to be onboarded according to our company protocols.

Domestic workers are from all nationalities, and each has their own associated personalities, problems, and challenges to overcome in becoming a full-time live-in worker.


Our residential training centre consists of an all-female team, headed by a British manager, nurses, security, language trainers, and general admin staff and a cook.

We focus on training and the settling in of the workers and are required to implement a scheduled and firm discipline throughout their journey to ensure they are effectively placed with the right family.

Training workers involves practical skills (bed making, cleaning, laundry and ironing) and language proficiency according to their job role and responsibilities.

Some of the more skilled workers (English language proficient) who have had previous working experience as a nanny or nursery care provider are taught specialised courses to enhance their upskilling (eg: Paediatric First Aid, Early Years Education)


Discuss ( In brief)  suitable onboarding policy ( outline COVID protocols and how to manage throughout having candidates who are tested positive.


Outline a housekeeping policy and cleaning routine for the residential center, and methodology including use of chemicals and their applications.


Please allow 30 minutes hour to attend the interview.

Your job role is to support management in creating a well-run and managed residential center, and it is critical to be able to create an impact with the staff and candidates alike.

This requires presence and personality capable of being regarded as a mentor, and leader.


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