Trainers Required – TEFOL Teaching English To Female Co. Employees (domestic Workers)


Teacher/ Trainers required – TEFOL Teaching English to female Co. employees (domestic workers)

Job Role

Teaching English as a foreign language to female domestic workers before being placed with families.

Understanding the differences in learning capabilities -required to develop and implement various short learning programs according to their job roles and responsibilities.

For complete beginners (learners with different alphabet eg : Ethiopians) generally engaged as maids ( Untrained and unskilled) therefore essential language tools are required

Previously Experienced candidates who will be engaged as nanny-housekeepers (mainly Philippines) therefore language proficiency is required and specific to child-care.

Required Qualifications and Experience:

Qualifications :

Bachelors in Education, English Language,  TEFOL, and EYFS

Relevant Industry Qualification/Working Experience. Previous experience in EYFS early years learning, child-care nursery and story-book telling to young learners is also a key component.

Previous teaching company employees/workers specific

Personality :

High energy/ Positive Outlook/Problem Solver/Workaholic Leader/Motivator/Mentor.

Our Training Center is open 7 days a week, 12 hours a day.


Positions are not suitable for MALE applicants as it requires working in an all-female residential school,

Salary package in line with Industry qualification/experience.

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