Nanny Care +

Early Years Nursery
Let Your Child Develop with Our Hybrid and Blended Classrooms
Qualified Nanny Day Care


  • 5 lessons daily including circle time, topic talks, arts and crafts, physical education, mathematics.
  • Hybrid Class-rooms are 15 minutes with lots of blended learning and away from screen activities.
  • Qualified Nannies provide 1:1 personal attention with daily play and education in the safety of your own home.
  • British Teachers providing Hybrid interactive nursery classes with your child being guided and supported 1:1 by qualified Nanny.


HalaKids is a leading British Hybrid Nursery Classroom with Blended Learning. Halakids uses the latest technology to keep parents updated with key milestone achievements , whilst our Qualified Nannies deliver care and learning support at home.


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